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The term "pioneer" is a little tricky given modern sensibilities, but I do appreciate the concept behind it – we adventurous spirits do have a tendency to forge our own path. How do you re-orient and rediscover your destination along the way? SONGS Tough Guy, by Cortney Matz (Patreon only) Can't Go Wrong, by Cortney Matz & Ward (Patreon only) Remember, by Cortney Matz (Patreon only) The world is full of intimidating but thrilling endeavors, and we are people who pursue them! This weekly musical podcast is here to support those daily efforts that lead to major breakthroughs in life, work, art and relationships. Thanks to Epiphany Space for hosting me and this show! If you are an artist or creative professional working on your own, take a look at what this artist community has to offer: Find fellow Adventurous Spirits in our Facebook community: Support the podcast and access all the songs I played today: Listen live on YouTube, Tuesdays at noon Pacific Time:
  1. Pioneer Problems
  2. Epic & Glorious
  3. Waiting
  4. Adventures in The Letdown
  5. Adventures in Small Talk


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